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Marketing - The Legend Team


Our cutting-edge, high visibility real estate marketing offers a fresh approach to get you moving faster. We constantly re-evaluate the market and tailor our efforts to get your home sold molding to the dynamics of today’s market.

Bottom line, we are committed to get your home sold!


  • • Photos: Professional photos will be taken for marketing purposes

  • • Extensive Brochure: Full color, multi-page brochure produced for your home

  • • Yard Sign & Directional Signage: Guides buyers to your home

  • • Virtual Tour: Added to all websites allowing buyers to preview your home 24/7

  • • MLS: Positions your home in the “for sale” market as well as "Coming soon."

  • • Staging: Professional preparation of your home enhancing features and design.


  • • Your listing is listed with photos, information and virtual tour.

  • • Listed placed on North Texas Real Estate Information Systems, Inc. (NTREIS). Reaches 30,000 MLS subscribers including 6,000 real estate offices.

  • • Photo and home information emailed to all agents with a buyer looking for a home on the local North Texas MLS portal. We are able to locate these buyers with a reverse prospecting tool.

  • •,,,,, and hundreds of additional syndicated networks.


  • • Social Media: Listings posted on Facebook

  • • eMarketing Flyer: Unique marketing flyer sent through email to all agents and clients in our database

  • • Utilize Facebook with Boost and Adwerx